Wednesday, 02 May 2018

Choosing the Place for Medical Check-Up

Each hospital or clinical laboratory has its own medical check-up panel that differs and varies between one another, often causing misunderstanding in whether the offered price is affordable or expensive. "The diversity of medical check-up is commonly the result of adjustment to the development of medicine, the fundamental needs for early detection of different diseases and the capability of individual hospital or clinical laboratory in relation to the availability of analysis facilities as well as rate estimates that should be affordable for the public," said Dr. Almaycano Gintings, M.Kes.

"Speaking of the quality of reliable medical check-up results, it is better to choose certified clinical laboratories. When the test result is unreliable, it will be difficult for the medics to administer correct medication," said Dr. Dyah Agustina W. Nowadays, clinical laboratories, either at hospital-owned or private-owned, have their own specific qualification standards in medical check-up service, and this is vital in providing accurate medical check-up results. Customers will be more certain of the quality of the clinical laboratory' s service, and it will be safer for the doctors to diagnose a disease.

"Imagine if the laboratory is not competent, the result might be different. As doctors, we assume the responsibility to diagnose diseases, and the primary supporting instrument is the result of laboratory test. So, clinical laboratory certification is very helpful for us doctors in choosing the best clinical laboratory for our patients. I think that ISO 15189 is the authentic proof of the competence of clinical laboratories and the results they issue," said Dr. Dyah.

Aside from clinical laboratory selection, preparation prior to taking medical check-up is also important as it will affect the accuracy of the result.