Vendor/Supplier Selection Policies

PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (“Company”) establishes particular requirements and criteria in selecting a vendor/supplier to be their partner as well as strategic partners of the Company in operating the business. The Company Policies in relation to the vendor/supplier selection are aimed at ensuring an effective, efficient, competitive, fair and reasonable, transparent, as well as accountable selection process. The policies also apply to the evaluation process in the procurement of goods/services.   

The Supplier/Vendor involved in the process of procurement of goods/services in the Company shall fulfill the following requirements and criteria:    

1. Having a legal entity.
2. Fulfilling the legal aspects in accordance with the business field.
3. Having the expertise, experience, and also technical and managerial capabilities in accordance with the business field.
4. Having the necessary resources in the procurement of goods/services in the Company.
5. Having a good command in providing services/goods and competitive prices as well as high integrity.
6. Maintaining the quality of the goods/services as determined by the Company.
7. Having the capability of being punctual in delivering the products of goods/services.
8. Having a proven track record.
9. Not having been involved in any judicial proceeding or serving the criminal sanctions.
10. Willing to sign the Integrity Pact issued by the Company for the partners/supplier/vendor.
11. Fulfilling other requirements in accordance with the types of the procurement of goods/services.

Vendor/Supplier Selection Policies
Vendor/Supplier Selection Policies