Prodia Children’s Health Centre

About Prodia Children’s Health Centre
Children are graceful gifts for all parents. There is nothing more joyful than the moment of watching our children grow healthy and smart.
Prodia Children’s Health Centre (PCHC) is a partner for parents in terms of health services tailored for children. PCHC is equipped with facilities and services that suit the children’s needs, to support the their growth and development and improve the their health. In addition, PCHC also provides educational services for the parents to enhance their knowledge concerning the children’s health.
Why Do We Need PCHC?
Children are not adults in smaller version. They have “special” health issues which require special treatments, including in the laboratory. The smaller body size along with the developing organs and the different disease circulation at every period of age (infancy, childhood, and adolescence) entail specific assessment for the children’s laboratory test results.
Prodia understands the differences and feels the need to establish PCHC to provide facilities and services which are suitable for the special needs of the children such as:
  • Blood sampling focused on the child’s comfort: No pain, No worry, No miss.

The blood sampling is conducted by staffs who are specially trained to conduct a psychological approach towards the child, to use the technique and position adjusted to the child’s age, and also the distraction technique to alleviate the pain. Comfortable blood sampling environment equipped with phlebotomy chairs specially built for children.

  • Minimum sample
Operationally, PCHC uses specialized equipment for children. This is conducted to provide comfort for the child and is based on the research stating that high frequency of blood sampling with adult minimum volume may cause latrogenic anemia to children.
  • Result Interpretation based on the Child Special Reference Value
Most of the generated test results are equipped with the child special reference value, not adult reference value. This reference value is very critical, it determines the doctor’s diagnosis
PCHC Services
PCHC provides services specially dedicated to fulfill the child patients from neonatal age (0-4 weeks) up to adolescence (18 years), which includes:
  • Specialized and general Laboratory Test
  • Radiologic Diagnosis such as - X-Ray, EKG, and USG
  • Test result consultation with doctors
  • Vaccination Service (by appointment only)
PCHC Facilities
To provide comfort for the children and their families when waiting and when the sample is taken. PCHC is equipped with: Phlebotomy room (blood sampling), playground, nursing room, dining room, etc.
Prodia Children’s Health Centre Visions
To be the biggest and the most advanced children health service centre in terms of services, quality, and test.
To be the centre of excellence or the center of diagnostic excellence in pediatrics.
Visit us at:

Prodia Children's Health Centre Jakarta

Prodia Tower Lantai 4 Jl. Kramat Raya No.150, Central Jakarta

Prodia Children's Health Centre Surabaya

GRHA Prodia Surabaya Lantai 5 Jl. Raya Diponegoro No. 149 - 150

Prodia Children's Health Centre Medan

Grha Prodia Medan Lantai 4 Jl. Letjen S. Parman No. 17/223 G


For further information, please call Kontak Prodia on 1500 830.