Monday, 29 October 2018

Find Out Your Overall Health through a Medical Check-Up!

Find Out Your Overall Health through a Medical Check-Up!

Medical check-up is a medical examination taken by people when they are in a good health condition, particularly those who have reached the age of 25. "Especially, if there is a history of diabetes and hypertension in the family, and a tendency to be obese," said dr. Dyah Agustina W., a member of the Central Presidium of Indonesian General Practitioners Association (PDUI).

Medical check-up, also known as General Medical Check-Up (GMC), is a minimum comprehensive medical check-up taken to figure out the presence of potentially harmful health disorder or disease commonly found in the community. For some companies, medical check-up must be taken by the prospective employees as a requirement to ensure that they are suitable for the work and position as well as to determine the proper health insurance for them.

Medical check-up provides an opportunity to consult the health condition with doctors. By taking medical check-ups periodically, we can early detect the presence of a disease. Additionally, there are also other benefits, for example, the development of the disease can be prevented, immediate treatment can be conducted, complications can be prevented or delayed, cost can be minimized, productive age can be prolonged, and life quality can be enhanced.

With a medical check-up, we can immediately detect a number of diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, blood lipid disorder, blood diseases (anemia, blood cancer), liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer), kidney diseases (infection, leaky kidney, and kidney failure), uric acid joint inflammation diseases (uric acid rheumatic), and coronary heart disease.

General medical check-up usually includes physical examination conducted by doctor, laboratory examination utilizing blood and other bodily fluid specimens or certain body cells and tissue, and other diagnostic supporting tests such as X-ray, EKG, USG, etc.

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