Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Advancing on the Patient Safety-Oriented Laboratory

Advancing on the Patient Safety-Oriented Laboratory

Patient safety is defined as the efforts to prevent harm to patients or prevention of wounds or injuries caused by medical treatment. Or to put that in simple way, patient safety is the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with health care.

Patient safety and the quality of service are the very important factors of any health services. Patient safety becomes the "axis" of any acts of diagnosis, treatment and care in the hospitals, including in the clinical laboratories, and other health services.

Patient safety is the responsibility of the doctors, nurses, health analysts and all those who work in the field of health care and are already committed to taking care, assisting, maintaining and bringing comfort to the patients. Patients will benefit most from the health care providers who prioritize the patient' s safety, namely the best health care, protection from unnecessary pain and injury, reduced health care cost, and the improvement of the health care access. The health personnel also benefits from having healthier environment and work culture. While the management will acquire operational benefits in the more efficient and improved financial performance.

Mistake or error is one of the things that can threaten the patient safety. There are several types of error sources that may occur in a general medical service, namely:

- communication error (communication failure between the patients or patients' representation and the practitioners the practitioners and the non-medical staff among fellow practitioners)

- patient management (inappropriate delegation or assignment, failure to trace, incorrect reference, etc.)

- clinical performance (before, after and during the intervention)

Errors or fatal errors can lead to a prolonged pain or even death for the patients, the patients and their family can be harmed materially and psychologically, and these can also lead to a loss of trust to the health professionals.

The main objection of patient safety in the clinical laboratory is to improve the patients' safety and reduce errors at all stages of the examination process. The focuses of patient safety are in the pre-analytical stage (before the examination) and the post-analytical stage (after the examination).