Monday, 30 October 2017

Prodia Healthy Fun Festival Jakarta Is Super Fun!

Prodia Healthy Fun Festival Jakarta Is Super Fun!

Yovie & Nuno Performance

Healthy lifestyle is no longer foreign for people, particularly those living in cities. They have completely realized the importance of living a healthy life. However, their methods of living a healthy lifestyle vary between people. Some may adopt a healthy diet, do a lot of sport and others try to get enough sleep and manage their stress. Whereas in fact, there is a far more important thing than merely adopting healthy diet and doing sport: a regular medical check up.

We may not yet realize the significance of regular medical check up. We only take it when falling ill. Meanwhile, taking a medical check up prior to feeling ill is a far better choice. It is a part of preventive measures in addressing the future risk of diseases.

Looking into the trend of living a healthy life adopted by today' s people, Prodia Clinical Laboratory encourages everyone especially the youth to continuously employ a healthy lifestyle and complete it with regular medical check up to monitor their health condition in order to achieve a condition of being completely healthy, through Healthy Fun Festival #LetsCheckUp program.

The program was organized through roadshows in 5 big cities, namely Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta. Prior to these roadshows there were pre-events held in several places such as in fitness centers and offices to challenge the youth to ensure their health condition through metabolic syndrome check up. These events were free for those aged between 20 and 35.

A participant of #LetsCheckUp is taking a blood sampling

Through this challenge, the youth were not only challenged to ensure their health, but also to directly give donation which later would be used to help providing decent health services for people in remote areas.

After conducting roadshows in Surabaya, Semarang, and Bandung, the Healthy Fun Festival greeted the youth of Jakarta. This event for young people held in La Piazza of Gandaria City Mall consisted of several activities such as Food & Beverage Bazaar, Body Combat, Salsa Dance, Dance Party, Pound Fit, Female DJ, Upside Down Clinic Room, and Beauty Zone. Yovie and Nuno closed the event with their performance.

Salsa Dance Party

Prior to the Healthy Fun Festival Jakarta, some pre-events were held in Celebrity Fitness Gandaria City, Gudang-Gudang Yoga Studio, Osbond Gym (Blok M, Cempaka Putih, and Mangga Dua), ANZ Tower, and Setiabudi One Office.

Yovie & Nuno' s performance closed Prodia' s Healthy Fun Festival Jakarta.