Quality Policies

Through quality-based performance, the management and employees in Prodia hold the commitment to provide prime health check-up and service for the satisfaction of the customers and other related parties, as well as to commit continuous improvement.

Prodia provides check-up with the best quality. By the quality management system professed in Prodia, the best result is also consistently accessible in every branch of Prodia throughout Indonesia. The quality system includes:

  • Division of Quality Control & Technical Quality Assurance (TQA)
  1. Ensuring that the standard operating procedure of Prodia has been perfectly and comprehensively implemented in every branch of Prodia.
  2. Ensuring that the branch offices of Prodia have qualified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 15189.
  3. Performing periodic internal and external audit from the certification bureau.
  • Participating in National & International Quality Assurance Program
  1. College of American Pathologists (CAP) - Competence Test (1)
  2. Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) in Microbiology - USA
  3. Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS) - UK
  4. External Quality Assurance Survey - Bio-Rad USA(2)
  5. Royal College of Australian Pathologists - Australia
  6. Euroimun in Autoimmune Testing - Germany
  7. The National Program of External Quality Assurance - Department of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

(1) The first and the only Indonesian clinical laboratory qualifying for CAP accreditation.

(2) Based on Bio-Rad EQAS program (participated by 12,378 laboratories), Prodia has been proven to be the best in the examination of clinical chemistry and immunology with 48 branches of Prodia gaining the highest score in Bio-Rad quality assurance program, and 22 branches gaining the highest score in Bio-Rad EQAS quality assurance program.