Customers and Working Partners


Giving better service for the customers is the main goal of Prodia. In addition to the direct services through the branches of Prodia, the following services are also available for the customers:

  1. Online registration, payment and access to the lab result
  2. Home service for sample drawing
  3. Home delivery of lab result
  4. Health awareness education through seminars or talkshow and other promotional tools.
General Practitioners

Prodia considers physicians as partners in developing laboratory medicine and improving patients’ treatment and safety. Several efforts carried out by Prodia are:

  1. Organizing seminars and distributing the newest diagnostic information by scientific discussions as well as the other publications.
  2. Publishing Forum Diagnosticum, Laboratory Information and The Indonesian Biomedical Journal (IBJ), all of which discuss the development of the most recent science in the field of laboratory medicine.

The need of every company for conducting medical check-up based on work health are the reason why Prodia partners with many companies. Prodia serves more than 11,000 companies each year.

Hospitals and Clinical Laboratories

As a national referral center, Prodia is a partner for the most hospitals and other clinical laboratories, particularly to meet the needs for special laboratory test. Serving more than 500 types of tests plus the tests conducted in laboratory network overseas, Prodia has successfully conducted more than 130,000 tests each month for more than 1,400 hospitals, specialty clinics and other clinical laboratories across Indonesia.


Prodia has committed to take part in developing laboratory medicine in Indonesia. Since 2007, Prodia has cooperated with several leading faculties of medicine in Indonesia and produced numerous researches for the development of laboratory medicine in Indonesia.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Some cooperation has been established between Prodia and a number of non-governmental organizations. Dealing with health issues in the 4th most populous country in the world, in which various health problems are inseparable from the life of the society, Prodia is compelled to embroil with the non-governmental organizations addressing health issues.

Working Partners of Prodia

Prodia partners with international suppliers, such as Roche, Abbot, Siemens, Sysmex and others to support the operational of the clinical laboratory.