Product and Service Responsibility

Customers are the Company’s top priority. Customers’ trust is one of the contributing factors to the Company’s success since it was founded 45 years ago. The Company is committed to prioritize the customer’s satisfaction to ensure the sustainable existence of the Company in the future.

Online Registration and Payment Services

In attempt to improve its services, the Company has launched online registration and payment system for the customers. The online registration and payment services ease the customers when having a medical check-up at Prodia Clinical Laboratory as they do not need to wait in line and make a payment in the lab. This facility accommodates the customers’ needs to register, choose the desired type of checkups, determine the check-up location, and make the payment in their favor. The online Registration and Payment System are accessible through PC, tablet, iPad, and cellphone.

Prodia Customer Club (PCC)

Prodia Customer Club (PCC) is a membership given to loyal customers as an appreciation from the management of the Company. The customers is chosen based on their loyalty and contribution to the development of Prodia Clinical Laboratory. As a member of PCC, the customer may benefit from the special facilities such as discount for laboratory test, routine health information given via educational series brochure and Smartliving health magazine, and discount voucher that may be used by the customer’s family member.

To maintain the customers’ trust, the Company is always open to communicate with its customers. The customers are able to complain or advise, give criticisms or suggestions via email, phone, or handwritten letter to the Company. The Company also provides official communication channel for customers and community in general such as Prodia website:, facebook fanpage: Prodia Clinical Laboratory, youtube channel: Prodia Clinical Laboratory, twitter: @Prodia_Lab, and Instagram: @Prodia_Lab.