Policy on the Fulfillment of Creditors’ Rights

PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (“Company”) always takes the creditors’ interest into account in order to maintain their trust to ensure the long term growth of the Company. The Company has established the policies on the fulfillment of the creditors’ rights aiming to ensure the fulfillment of their rights as well as to maintain their trust.    

In general, the principles of the policy on the fulfillment of the creditors’ rights by the Company are as follow:

1. The Company selects the creditor based on credibility aspects.
2. The Company receives a loan under legal agreement in which the clauses emphasize the fairness principle;
3. The Company always ensures that the payment of the principal debt, interest, and principal loan is carried out in timely manner.  
4. The Company ensures that the submission of the financial statement to the creditor is carried out on time in transparent, accurate, and reliable manner.
5. The Company maintains the financial ratio as agreed with the creditors.
6. The Company uses the Loan for the agreed purposes.
7. The Company ensures that all the requirements included in the agreement are fulfilled.  
8. The Company provides transparent, accurate, open, and timely information regarding the use of the fund to improve the creditors’ trust.  
9. The Company submits the copy of Deed of Amendment for Articles of Association to the Creditor.  
10. The Company informs the creditor on the share of the dividend to the Company Shareholders.
11. The Company informs the creditor of any amendment made in the structures of the BoD and/or the shareholders of the Company.   
12. The Company gives precedence to the completion of all the obligations arising from the realization of the Loan used in the loan settlement to the subsidiary company.

Policy of Fulfillment of Creditors Rights
Policy on the Fulfillment of the Creditors’ Rights