Risk Management Committee

Risk Management Committee is established and obliged to the Board of Commissioners in assisting the implementation of duties and functions of the Board of Commissioners, particularly supervisory functions in relation to risk management.   

The duties and responsibilities of Risk Management Committee are:

1. Reviewing the request of approval of the Directors to the Board of Commissioners upon the plans of corporate actions, including investment, long-term plans of the Company, cooperation agreement, asset management, Asset Securitization, etc.
2. Evaluating the policies and strategies of risk management, either the operation or the business development of the Company.
3. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of risk management and mitigation of the business plans and investment of the Company as well as the operation of financial and legal aspects.
4. Reporting the results of monitoring and evaluation as well as providing recommendations upon necessary matters to consider by the Board of Commissioners.

Based on the Circular Decision of the Board of Commissioners and the Decision of the Board of Commissioners of the Company Number 10/SK-Dekom/IV/2021 on the Appointment of the Members of Risk Management Committee dated 8 April 2021, the structures of the Members of the Risk Management Committee are as follows:
Chairperson: Keri Lestari Dandan
Members: Kemal Imam Santoso
Members: Endang Wahjuningtyas Hoyaranda

Risk Management Committee
Risk Management Committee
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