Research Support

These services, which have been available since 1991, are managed by our Research Support Department and also supported by Prodia's Research & Esoteric Laboratory, Molecular Laboratory, and National Reference Center Laboratory. From 1991 to 2016, Prodia Clinical Laboratory has contributed to over 2.822 pieces of research for academic purposes, epidemiological studies, and scientific publications. These studies include more than 375 types of test comprising Research Use Only (RUO) tests, Laboratory Developing Tests (LDT), and molecular tests and over 100 types of routine tests. The research support department itself has a vision to become :

  1. A center of excellence for health and medical sciences
  2. A pioner for new research laboratory tests in Indonesia
  3. The best and biggest biomedical medicine research laboratory center in Indonesia

The research support services was established as a form of Prodia's commitment as a center of excellence to the development of sciences particularly in the field of clinical laboratory and generally in biomedical medicine in Indonesia.

The Scope of Research Support Services at Prodia Clinical Laboratory includes:

  1. Assisting in the search of information sources and literatures
  2. Facilitating research protocol establishment
  3. Providing information concerning tests related to research purposes, including routine tests, special tests, and new tests/research tests not yet routinely conducted in Indonesia
  4. Exploring the possibilities of conducting research tests
  5. Facilitating the procurement of research kit reagents (Research Use Only/RUO kits)
  6. Providing information on good and correct sample handling, method feasibility, and kit reagents to be used
  7. Assisting in handling, collecting, & storing research samples in -20°C or -70°C
  8. Performing research-related tests, including research tests, and making sure that test performances comply with procedures, methods, and equipment with reliable and trusted quality of test results
  9. Assisting in result interpretation
  10. Assisting in referencing of tests beyond its capacities
  11. Assisting in processing the research statistical data.

Prodia intends to establish collaborations with many faculties of medicine in Indonesia in the form of research and knowledge transfer, serving as a source of information on services and other aspects related to the research of:

  • The correct selection of biomarkers
  • Critical factors in pre-analytics, analytics, and post-analytics in a test
  • The most recent biomarker trends for research in a certain area, such as Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Neurology, Ob-gyn, Hepatology, Pediatrics, Oncology, etc.
  • Methods & principles of tests (ELISA, molecular, GCMS, LCMS, and ICP-MS)
  • Research methodology
  • Manuscript preparation workshop
  • Etc

Prodia also seeks to participate in guest lectures as information providers related to the aspects of clinical laboratory management such as:

  • Quality control and stabilization
  • ISO accreditation process
  • Laboratory management
  • etc

It is also prepared to help with guest/external lecturers on medical, biomedical, and pathobiological laboratory for a disease :

  • Molecular biology (basic and advanced)
  • Stem cell
  • Disease pathobiology
  • etc.
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