Monday, 30 October 2017

Westgard Sigma Verification Program Certification

Westgard Sigma Verification Program Certification

Six Sigma is a management technique commonly applied by businesses and industries around the world to assess the business performance, minimize the mistakes, and more importantly to perfect the process, product, and services.

A health laboratory needs to independently determine the quality requirements it is going to apply and evaluate the laboratory performance in a relative manner towards the quality requirements the laboratory wants to achieve.

Westgard Sigma Verification Program (SVP) uses the Six Sigma technique to ensure the laboratory test result is in high quality. This program is a proof that the laboratory has met the world-class health laboratory standard.

The program applies scientific approaches in which the data of quality control are processed, thus the evaluation of the quality in achieving the quality objectives or the consistency of laboratory service quality may be measurable.

Prodia Clinical Laboratory becomes the first and the only laboratory in Indonesia whose performance is certified through Westgard SVP in October 2016. Prodia also becomes the first institution in the world with three of its laboratory branches certified at the same time.

The certification has been awarded to 3 laboratory branches namely Bandung, Bekasi, and Semarang. Hopefully, there will be more of branches of Prodia attending the Westgard SVP. This program evaluated at least 20 types of clinical chemistry routine tests performed by Prodia.

The certificate of Westgard SVP is the proof that Prodia constantly provides reliable test results which are useful for the physicians or clinicians in making diagnosis and decision on the treatment for the patients in a more confident way. With a more precise result, the necessity of a retest in the time of making diagnosis and taking treatment for the patients will be reduced.