Friday, 17 November 2017

Your Customers Couldn’t Be Happier with the Quick Test Result

Your Customers Couldn’t Be Happier with the Quick Test Result

Prodia' s commitment for the customers is to deliver an accurate, reliable, trusted, and timely test result. Speed has become the customers' need and it is also Prodia' s priority to provide a test result in line with the customers' need. For that reason, Prodia has been conducting various attempts to accelerate the test result delivery. Prodia has been continuously improving the test processes to accelerate the delivery of the test result.

The test result completion time (WHSP) is very much determined by the kind of test taken by a patient. Therefore, there are tests whose result can be completed in a matter of hours and there are those which can only be obtained several days after the test.

WSHP process at Prodia

  • The patient comes to Prodia to perform a laboratory or non-laboratory test.
  • The service officer performs an identification regarding the type of test to be conducted, and whether or not a specimen is required.
  • The specimen is given to the specimen distribution department, then identity and requirements of specimen condition are checked, and centrifugation and aliquoting are performed.
  • The laboratory officer will deliver the specimen to the technical department to be processed.
  • Once the result is available, a graded validation is carried out, starting from the analyst and followed by the laboratory supervisor.
  • The final validation is done by the quality validator and doctor in charge.
  • After the final validation, the result is printed in the form of HPsL and handed over to the service department.

Required time

For routine tests such as clinical chemistry, hematology, and urinalysis, the result can be delivered quickly. Whereas the result for tests referred to Prodia Reference Lab usually requires relatively longer time to deliver. For clinical chemistry, it requires 60-70 minutes to process the specimen accepted at the laboratory, whereas hematology requires a process of 65-80 minutes. Urinalysis usually requires a process of 60-75 minutes. And for immunology test, the average time needed to conduct the test is 95-110 minutes. The time for each process is calculated by the time the specimen received by the laboratory. The time promised for the test result is counted from the patient' s arrival at Prodia up to obtaining the result usually requires 2.5-3 hours. If the patient only wishes to take the clinical chemistry or hematology, the time promised for the patient will be quicker.

A patient with certain condition may ask for an immediate test result by informing the staff. If possible, the customer' s request will be granted.

Prodia' s achievement in accelerating the test result completion has been better since 2012-2017. The process time needed in the laboratory has become shorter. In 2012, the time required was 196 minutes and in the first half of 2017, the process needed only 132 minutes. The data shows an improvement.