Friday, 29 April 2016

SMK3, the Key to Customer Satisfaction

SMK3, the Key to Customer Satisfaction

Good service comes from satisfied service providers, in this case the vanguard of the service is the staff working in comfort in a system that guarantees that they can work healthily and with a sense of safety. SMK3 refers to the work safety and health management system to realize staff's work satisfaction through a culture of work safety and health.

How is it implemented?

The implementation of SMK3 conducted by Prodia is initiated by complying with the Law No. 1 of 1970 on the Work Safety and Health. Early initiation is conducted by several stages, i.e. initial preparation by taking pictures of the concrete condition, followed by reparation and implementation and pre-assessment and testing by Sucofindo. This was conducted to monitor activities and implement sustainable improvement.

Prodia is also taking continuous effort to prevent work-related incidents and diseases, environment contamination, as well as hazard identification and risk assessment. Everyone is involved and is responsible in ensuring that the system can operate and be implemented well. This is also monitored and supervised by K3 Guardian and top management.

To guarantee that the implementation of SMK3 is conducted in accordance with the standard procedure, Prodia conducts regular inspection on work-related facilities and processes, measurement of work environment, monitoring of staff's health, regular P2K2 meeting, identification of root cause and sustainable improvement. According to the result of SMK3 audit conducted some times ago, Prodia's laboratory and office facilities passed the evaluation with a 93% score in achievement of implementation and a satisfactory status.

By the implementation of SMK3, although the impacts associated with the test result received by the customers might not be felt directly, customers can rest assured knowing that all processes in Prodia are in compliance with the correct standards and are serving as a reference for customers' satisfaction over Prodia's service.