Thursday, 27 April 2017

Being Completely Healthy with Wellness Testing

Being Completely Healthy with Wellness Testing

'Healthy' , such a simple word, but with an intricate meaning. A German philosopher once said a statement worth a deep discernment: "Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health." 'Healthy' does not merely refer to "the absence of diseases" rather, more widely, it points to living in balance/harmony with ourselves, the people around us, and the environment (both the physical and social ones). In addition, 'healthy' also implies the awareness to prevent diseases (preventive strategy).

Up until now, many people just start to realize a disease upon the occurrence of a symptom. Therefore, we tend to feel just fine for the absence of diseases and claim ourselves 'healthy.' Meanwhile, many diseases do not show any symptoms at the early stage to then suddenly go severe at once.

What Is Wellness Testing?

Inspired by the idea that prevention is better than cure, Prodia Clinical Laboratory, as a leader in the field of laboratory analysis, introduces the wellness testing as a part of the preventive strategy.

Wellness testing is a group of tests useful to identify the risk of disease development as early as possible, even before the disease shows up. In the early stages, disease development can be prevented.

Wellness testing is designed to avoid the high cost medication incurred due to the illness and its fatal consequences in the future.

What are the differences between wellness testing and check-up?

The check-up known so far is a set of minimum laboratory tests conducted to figure out any disorders or diseases. The diseases discussed here are those commonly found in society, with indefinite symptoms and fatal consequences, communicable, and deferrable or preventable by medical check-ups.

Unlike a general medical check-up, which is taken by healthy people, wellness testing is recommended for those at high risk or suspected of experiencing disease development in order to allow identification of the risk of early complication. Currently, Prodia Clinical Laboratory provides 3 wellness testing check-up panels recommended with regard to the tendency of cardiovascular disease development, obesity-syndrome metabolic-diabetes mellitus, and kidney-hypertension.