Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Prodia Healthy Fun Festival Semarang

Prodia Healthy Fun Festival Semarang

The awareness of healthy lifestyle not only develops among adults. More and more young generations today are getting more aware that maintaining healthy lifestyle is essential. It is no wonder since degenerative diseases increasingly attack young people. Back then, the patients of coronary diseases, cholesterol, and diabetes were closely associated to elderly. However, nowadays many youths suffer from those diseases.

The 2013 data of the United Nations/World Health Organization showed a high mortality rate among youths. More than 2.6 million youths aged 10 to 24 die each year. Almost two thirds of the death cases at this age are related to the young people' s unhealthy condition or lifestyle, such as smoking habit, physical inactivity, consumption of junk food, and many others.

It might seem scary to reveal the potential diseases, let alone the serious ones. However, it will be even scarier if we know nothing about what is really happening inside our body. That' s why medical check-up is very important. Aside from knowing our health condition, by having check-up we can also reveal the potential diseases with invisible symptoms, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, lipid disorder, blood diseases (anemia, thalassemia), liver diseases, kidney diseases, lung diseases and so on.

A participant of #LetsCheckUp is preparing for the blood sampling

Prodia Clinical Laboratory strives to raise Semarang youths' awareness of the necessity of conducting early medical check up through " LetsCheckUp campaign. #LetsCheckUp is a movement that provides challenges for young people in 5 big cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, and Yogyakarta, to take the metabolic syndrome test, to help the metabolic syndrome diagnosis, and to early detect the complication risk in the future such as coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, diabetes mellitus, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, and kidney impairment.

These series of event began with free check-up held during July at several offices around Semarang, among others Telkomsel, Suzuki, Allianz, and BRI. The free check-up includes blood sugar, HDL cholesterol, triglyceride, body mass index, abdominal circumference, and blood pressure tests.

#LetsCheckUp program is open for everyone, both male and female, aged 20-35. This event challenged the youths in Semarang to know how healthy they truly are and promoted early screenings so they may early detect the diseases threatening their health.

The event began with Yellow Fun Zumba

By registering and participating in the #LetsCheckUp movement the participants have already donated Rp5,000. If one' s metabolic syndrome test result is normal, the donation will be added up to Rp50,000 and the donation will be entirely covered by Prodia.

The participants of Yellow Fun Zumba moved enthusiastically

The series of Prodia Healthy Fun Festival began with Yellow Fun Zumba in the morning. The people of Semarang were able to participate in the zumba session by paying Rp 35,000 as the registration fee, which also included t-shirt, snack, and doorprize with interesting prizes. The participants also have the chance to win interesting prizes for the categories of The Most Stylish Zumba Lover and The Most Energetic Group. Prodia Healthy Fun Festival was held on Sunday, 13 August 2017 at Car Free Day Pahlawan Semarang at 6- 9 am. Furthermore, the event also opened Healthy Food Bazaar for the culinary lovers and organized other fun games. The peak of Prodia Healthy Fun Festival #LetsCheckUp was the music performance by the guest star, Via Vallen.

The guest star, Via Vallen, was ready to entertain the participants of Prodia Healthy Fun Festival

Prodia involves young people because the awareness of the importance of health among them, especially in Semarang, is still very low. It leads to the low willingness to have a medical check-up. In fact, medical check-up shall be taken as early as possible to monitor one' s health condition before diseases start developing or to avoid complication if the disease is already developed.

The performance of Via Vallen

According to Reskia Dwi Lestari, Marketing Communication Manager of PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk, the big obstacles to maintain a healthy lifestyle are low self-motivation, lack of time due to activities at work and social life, financial problem, and the most important among all is lack of support from friends and family. Prodia continuously promotes education of the healthy lifestyle and medical check-up in an attempt to reduce illness incidence rates among young productive people and to create a better future generation ready to compete with other nations' generation.***