Friday, 04 August 2017

Prodia Blog Competition 2017

Prodia Blog Competition 2017

Congratulation! Below are the bloggers who won Prodia Blog Competition 2017. We would like to thank every blogger who has participated in Prodia Blog Competition 2017, stay inspiring!

Winner 1: Yuni Andriani

Winner 2: Faradila Danasworo

Winner 3: Rachmawati Alida Bahaweres

The winners will be contacted by the Team of Prodia Clinical Laboratory.


To submit the blog article link and to register to Prodia Blog Competition 2017, click here!


PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (Prodia), the pioneer and leader of clinical laboratory in Indonesia, holds a Blog Competition for Indonesian bloggers interested in knowing deeper about health, particularly about the importance of having a general medical check-up.

The theme for the Prodia Blog Competition 2017 is Healthy Woman, Mighty Woman: Let' s Nip Cervical Cancer in the Bud. Health is not something to belittle, yet it is not hard to achieve if we check up our body periodically. Thus, the bloggers are required to write articles about LIFESTYLE.

For your information, Prodia now has Prodia Women' s Health Center (PWHC), the first Women-Wellness based health service clinic in Indonesia. PWHC is located on Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, South Jakarta and specially designed to represent women' s characteristics and touch. This clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology for early and advanced prevention.

What are you waiting for? Let' s register now!


Winner I: Rp5,000,000 + Prodia Check-Up Voucher worth Rp1,000,000

Winner II: Rp3,000,000 + Prodia Check-Up Voucher worth Rp1,000,000

Winner III: Rp2,000,000 + Prodia Check-Up Voucher worth Rp1,000,000

How to enter

  • Write your best article in your own blog with the set title and theme: LIFESTYLE.
  • Submit 1 article.
  • The article must be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • You must attach the link on the blog.
  • You are allowed to use images or infographics to enhance your blog article. You can also visit for references.
  • Submit the link of your article to the website by clicking the Prodia Blog Competition 2017 menu during 1 August - 1 October 2017 (2 months).
  • The participants are required to promote their article through each social media they have with the hashtag #ProdiaBlogCompetition2017 #LetsCheckUp and mention @Prodia_Lab (Twitter) and @prodia_lab (Instagram).

Terms and conditions

  • The participants must have an active blog.
  • Like/Follow Prodia' s social media.
    • Fanpage: Laboratorium Klinik Prodia
    • Twitter: @Prodia_Lab
    • Instagram: @prodia_lab
  • The participants of Prodia Blog Competition 2017 MUST display their followers on their own blog.
  • These terms and conditions only apply for the purposes relevant to the Prodia Blog Competition 2017 program. This program is presented by PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (Prodia Clinical Laboratory).
  • The program is held during 1 August - 1 October 2017 at 11:59 p.m (WIB).
  • This program is publicly open for all bloggers residing in Indonesia. The enrollment is free without having to buy anything.
  • The committee has the authority to amend and cancel the parts of the terms and conditions, prizes, definitions, winners, information, or the whole terms and conditions of this program at anytime with or without prior notice.
  • All parties organizing and running the program or the staffs employed by PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk are not allowed to join the program.
  • The participants must submit their biodata, such as the valid email address and the phone number available for anytime calls.
  • After being registered for the specified period, the bloggers must subject to the rules or regulations of the competition.


  • The participants may use the materials such as quotes or images to enhance the blog articles, but the committee is not responsible for any harm that occurs from the use of the materials.

Winner Selection

  • The winners will be selected based on how well the articles meet the requirements and also the consideration of the Prodia Blog Competition 2017 Adjudicators.

Winner Announcement

  • The list of the winners will be posted on Prodia' s website at
  • The winners will be announced on 13 October 2017.
  • The winners will be contacted via phone by Prodia for confirmation.
  • The winners must subject to the rules of the competition. If the winners do not meet one or the whole criteria of the rules, the committee has the authority to disqualify the winners.
  • The prizes cannot be monetized, exchanged, or transfered to any third parties.
  • The committee has the authority to publish the name, first name, address, photo, or testimony of the winners for the purpose of communication or advertisement associated with this program in various selected publication media without any financial contribution to the winners.