Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Safe, Comfortable Blood Sampling, Without Fear

Safe, Comfortable Blood Sampling, Without Fear

Blood sampling, commonly known as phlebotomy, has been practiced for centuries and remains the most common invasive procedure (a medical procedure of inserting a tool into the body by way of damaging tissues, e.g. by incision).

Understanding patients' concern and hesitation for blood sampling, as well as being aware that phlebotomy is a critical step that determines the quality of specimen, each clinical laboratory should formulate phlebotomy procedure.

Typanophobia aside, there are some reasons one might feel reluctant for blood sampling, among others:

  • fear of being infected with diseases transmitted through used needles
  • fear of pain
  • fear of blood
  • suspicion that own specimen might be swapped with other' s

In line with Prodia' s mission "For a Better Diagnosis" and commitment to serve wholeheartedly, Prodia places phlebotomy as a very crucial and critical process that deserves serious attention. Furthermore, data from different researches have shown that most errors in laboratories (68%) were caused by mistakes during pre-analytical phase, one of which is during phlebotomy. Therefore, Prodia formulated its phlebotomy procedure as per the Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI) term and conducts a set of evaluations specifically designed to monitor and ensure that the particular phase is carried out well and safely, both for the patients and the health professionals.