Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Proper Nutrition during Pregnancy

Proper Nutrition during Pregnancy

"It is true that during pregnancy the food you eat is your baby' s main source of nutrition. But, it doesn' t mean you should eat two servings, one for you and the other one is for your baby. On average, you need 1,800 calories per day, while you' re pregnant, you don' t have to double it to 3,600 calories. In fact, a pregnant woman should only add 300 calories to the number of calories she needs before pregnancy. So, it doesn' t mean to eat two servings," said dr. R. Bonti Tri H. Shanti, Sp.OG, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist at Bunda Maternity Hospital, Menteng, Jakarta.

Doctor Bonti said, "Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are needed in a certain amount, depending on the mother' s condition before pregnancy. For example, before pregnancy the mother are overweight (body mass index of 29) and her level of cholesterol is high. Therefore, it is best to control the carbohydrate and fat intakes."

Referring to the optimum or best diet recommended for pregnant women weighing about 55 kg, a 2,200 calorie diet can be obtained from:

- Dairy products. The total amount of milk per day is 600 to 900 ml, either fresh milk or milk used in cooking and for drink (600 calories). Cheese - 300 gr (equal to 200 ml of milk). Butter or margarine - 60 gr (480 calories).

- Meat products. You can eat beef, chicken, or fish 60 to 120 grams per day (250 calories). Eating more meat is allowed when you need it. Only eat cooked meat.

- Eggs. One egg per day (90 calories).

- Bread. Three to four slices are equal to 120 grams (320 calories). You can substitute bread for a sufficient amount of rice, cereal, or noodles. It is recommended to have bread for breakfast instead of rice (240 calories). Sugar or jam of 60 grams.

- Vegetables. One or two slices of a medium-sized potato (150-300 grams). When you boil it, you will have 140 calories. It will be more nutritious if you boil potatoes with their skins on. You can substitute potatoes for sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and radish. Lettuce and the other green or yellow leafy vegetables, approximately 60-120 grams per day.

- Fruits. During pregnancy, fruits are really important. You can substitute apples for other vitamin C rich fruits such as oranges, grapes, or tomatoes (500 calories).