Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Only Indonesian Laboratory Qualifying for CAP Accreditation

The Only Indonesian Laboratory Qualifying for CAP Accreditation

By the end of May 2012, Prodia National Referral Laboratory-Jakarta* (Prodia National Referral Center-Jakarta) attended a laboratory accreditation program, the College of American Pathologists' Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP) or CAP LAP and succeeded to be qualified for the accreditation in early July 2012. The achievement brought Prodia to be the first and the only Indonesian clinical laboratory qualifying for CAP accreditation, joining the other 7.000 leading laboratories in the world with the accreditation.

CAP accredited laboratories will periodically attend surveillance process conducted by CAP. Surveillance aims to ensure the laboratories consistently implement the set standards. Prodia Clinical Laboratory has attended the first surveillance in May 2014, and this year Prodia is expecting to attend the second CAP surveillance.

CAP is the biggest exclusive organization consisting of pathologists** with 18.000 doctor members and laboratories worldwide, since its establishment in 1947 CAP has been the leader or trendsetter for laboratory quality assurance. CAP has extensive experience and has been conducting laboratory accreditation program (CAP LAP) since 1961.

CAP accreditation

CAP LAP is acknowledged worldwide and is the most excellent in assuring quality (quality assurance), not merely on the requirements fulfillment. This program helps the laboratories to accomplish the highest quality standard with the goal to give positive impacts on the patient treatment. LAP focuses on laboratory excellence standard, good laboratory procedures and practice (good laboratory practice), and fulfillment of CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) quality requirement.

Advantages of the accreditation:

  • Thorough and Comprehensive Evaluation

All test results must be accurate anytime, anywhere. CAP accommodates various laboratory types and scales. Therefore, all CAP accredited laboratories consistently provide the best services.

  • Inspection Team Consists of Experts in Their Fields

CAP accreditation program is the only program involving multidisciplinary laboratory practitioner team as the supervisors. As the practitioners actively involved and familiar with daily laboratory problems, these supervisors are competent in conducting specific inspection in any part of the laboratory.

  • An Opportunity to Exchange Parallel Ideas and Information

As the program involves laboratory professionals to supervise and represent the inspected laboratory, there is always an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss about laboratory techniques.

  • Known as the Best player in Laboratory Industry

More than 83% of the world-renowned laboratories and hospitals choose CAP as the accreditation agency. By employing the highest standards in their laboratory, the accreditation holders earn trust and become the leaders in the commitment implementation of providing quality services for the patients.

The CAP LAP Program is entirely committed to the laboratory quality result by setting several standards as a reference in conducting inspection including human resource safety and physical aspects of the laboratory, such as space, instruments/tools, communication and data management system, reagents, and equipments, storage, and waste disposal facility pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical aspects test validation system performance and quality control monitoring in general test methods and specification, etc.

The above standards interpreted into a list of focused and detailed requirements. The list becomes the blueprint and laboratory quality practice guidance, and also is used by the inspection team as the guidance to comprehensively assess the laboratory management and operation. A laboratory conducting its process based on the list has assurance to deliver high quality examinations. This strict monitoring program is designed to meet the highest standards in handling the entire patients treatment.

The accreditation is not an achievement for Prodia, it is an evidence or a report of the quality that Prodia has always maintained since the establishment. Eventually, the most important thing is how we consistently perform the good laboratory practice procedure to our patients, as inspected in the accreditation, with the purpose to provide the best services by putting utmost importance on patient safety.

*Prodia National Referral Laboratory-Jakarta (Prodia National Referral Center-Jakarta) is a referral center laboratory for all Prodia branches in the country to conduct a specific test which cannot be performed in the branch.

**Pathologists hold a prominent role in health care. Pathologists are specialists who are able to interpret the test result data of bodily tissue, blood, and other fluids for diagnosis and patient treatment purposes.