Monday, 30 November 2015

The Online Result - Get Quick and Easy Access to Your Test Result

The Online Result - Get Quick and Easy Access to Your Test Result

The rapid development of technology has some influences upon the business sectors, let alone Prodia, as a company engaged in the field of clinical laboratory. This fast-moving technological development encourages Prodia to keep innovating in order to provide the best service for the customers.

In 2008, Prodia initiated the technological innovation by launching the corporate website as the information center for the customers. As the time passes, in 2012 Prodia provided the online service by facilitating the customers to register for the test and access the online test result.

The online result is the test result facility accessible through computers or other gadgets. The customers can access the online result anytime by firstly getting registered and then entering the username and password chosen by the customers. The online result is designed in a user-friendly interface to enable those who aren't familiar with gadget or internet to operate it. The online result is designed in such a way that everyone can understand it easily.

The online result uploaded to the internet is completely similar to the printed one the patients will have.

To view your online result:

- Visit

- Click the online result menu.

- Enter the 13 digits of your customer ID and the password acquired from the Prodia Customer Service at the first time you have the test.

- Make sure you've entered the email correctly to then receive a notification of

the account activation sent by Prodia to your email.

- Open your email and click the link sent by Prodia.

- You can change your username and password anytime you like.

- You can access your test result via online anytime.