Monday, 29 October 2018

Simple Tips to Achieve Optimal Health for Your Family

Simple Tips to Achieve Optimal Health for Your Family

Family health can be construed as the physical, mental, and social state of each family member. Each family member will support each other in order to achieve the family' s optimal health status.

Family' s health status is not something to be achieved in an instant, it takes a dynamic process associated with the daily activities, such as the habit of eating a nutritious diet, having adequate rest, avoiding stress, exercising regularly, and last but no least, conducting medical check-up periodically.

Medical check-up is required to keep us aware of the signs of a disease, because once the disease developed into terrible condition, it may lead to disabilities or death. By conducting medical check-up periodically, a potentially harmful disease will be easier to handle and will not be threatening the lives of family members.

Family Medical Check-Up Panel

Prodia cares about family health and is ready to help each family member to build a great family or family wellness (healthy, happy, and prosperous) by providing medical check-up package or panel appropriate to their age or physical development and health risks. Each family member has different age and sex, hence the health risks and the need for laboratory examination also vary. To facilitate the customers in deciding the suitable check-up type for each family member, Prodia provides the following panels:

  • Child Check-Up Panel is a set of laboratory analysis designed to detect diseases and define risks of disease on children, based on age groups and adjusted to the prevalence of the most common diseases among the community.
  • Child Obesity Panel is recommended for children who appear to be obese regardless of age. This panel gives the child' s current health status description and assesses the future health risks which may occur due to the obesity such as heart disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, hypertension, and kidney disorder.
  • Young Generation Check-Up Panel is a minimal examination recommended for young people aged 18-30 to determine the general health quality at a young age both concerning organ function or condition of the body' s metabolism. By having this panel, a disorder or a disease which commonly occurs and potentially harmful such as blood disorder, lipid and sugar metabolism disorder, liver and kidney dysfunctions, and infection of Hepatitis virus can be detected.
  • Medical Check-Up Panel is a series of laboratory examination which can be useful to figure out the general health quality, detect health problems as early as possible, obtain required information for further treatments, and recognize the risk of health problems in days ahead. This panel is recommended for individuals aged over 30 years.
  • Wellness Testing is a part of preventive medicine strategy (diseases preventive action) which includes a series of laboratory check-up to identify the risks at an early stage before symptoms of disease progression are detected.
  • Geriatrics Panel is recommended for individuals aged over 55 or the elderly to early detect the degenerative diseases, such as blood anomalies or disorders, gastrointestinal problems or infections, liver and kidney functionality problems, thyroid functionality problems, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and osteoporosis.

Familiarizing each family member with health monitoring will create a habit of making the right decisions regarding the health and habits to live a healthy life, so the family' s optimal health will then be achieved.

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