Thursday, 01 November 2018

Choosing the Appropriate Health Check-Up Packages

Choosing the Appropriate Health Check-Up Packages

Regular medical check-up is an effort to thoroughly assess the health condition. This incorporates physical exam, laboratory test and other diagnostic support to figure out the health condition someone has in a specific period of time.

However, today many people are afraid of having the medical check-up and even consider it unnecessary . Some of them even consider the medical check-up as a waste of money if the result turns out to be normal.

Whereas, early detection of health disorders or diseases allows for easier medication and lower cost compared to the cost paid when the diseases have reached the advanced stage.

You can choose the available medical check-up packages or choose it based on your own conditions. See the 3 tips below for choosing the most appropriate medical check-up based your own needs.

  1. Do not just stick on the "executive" label on the Check-Up panel, to then pick the one with the lowest cost. It is better to compare the check-up details on each of the offered packages.
  2. Choose a professional laboratory that emphasizes quality, like the one receiving ISO 15189 accreditation (the medical laboratory that fulfills the specifications for the quality and competence).
  3. Consult the check-up plan, the type of check-up based on your needs, the recommended check-up place, and also the check-up result to the doctor, even though the result is normal.

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