Monday, 24 September 2018

Vaginal Discharge: How Do You Know It Is Normal?

Vaginal Discharge: How Do You Know It Is Normal?

Vaginal discharge is a normal occurrence for adult women. It acts as a mechanism to keep the vagina well-moisturized and clean.

Adult women often treat the condition incorrectly. At times, it is difficult to tell whether the vaginal discharge is normal or needs medical attention.

Normal vaginal discharge is clear and odorless fluid, secreted during certain times, not in an excessive and uncontrolled way.

It usually occurs during ovulation period, two days before and after menstruation or some time in the middle of ovulation period. Excessive vaginal discharge may occur to women taking hormones or contraceptive pills, excessive activities, and/or due to stimulation prior to conducting sexual intercourse.

Abnormal vaginal discharge does not have clear or white color. It occurs as excessively thick white, reddish, red brownish, green, or yellowish discharge. Oftentimes, it is followed by itching, burning, painful sensations, and foul smell.

This condition may occur any time or during urination. The causes include bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infection, and cervical or vaginal disorders. Additionally, it may occur due to incorrect vaginal care such as excessive use of vaginal douche and/or incorrect antiseptic agent as well as clothing causing vagina to be excessively moisturized.

If vaginal discharge occurs for a lengthy period and treated poorly, there may be complication such as infection to reproductive organ leading to abdominal pain and fever.